Nigel Helyer

A Dissimulation of Birds

Image by Nigel Helyer

A Dissimulation of Birds by Nigel Helyer


Our capacity to communicate and , more so, our ability to sing are directly related to our intimate evolutionary relationship with the acoustic genius of birds. Our species has internalised and eveolved the trills and warbles of birdsong as language and music. 'A Dissimulation of Birds' pays homage to the virtuosity of our feathered friends and playfully manipulates sonic mimicry - human on bird and bird on human.


Artist: Nigel Helyer


Nigel Helyer is a contemporary polymath whose work contains several highly developed creative interests. He produces intriguing and continually inquisitive work of international standard and is able to bring new scientific and artistic partners into truly collaborative artistic projects. He achieves this through deeply immersive site research and a commitment to collaborative, interdisciplinary enquiry. Nigel has taken environment arts to new heights by drawing on existing archival materials (journals, poetry, artworks, longitudinal studies) in combination with new envrionmental research and recordings.