Splinter Orchestra

Listening Forest

Photo provided by Splinter Orchestra

Listening Forest by Splinter Orchestra


Just as a bee must go about and seek pollen, Splinter Orchestra's choreographic site-specific music performances uncover special sounds and objects that encourage listening as an active practice. Join the group as they forage and search in the Bundanon landscape, creating musical opportunieis and a deeper connection with place.


Splinter Orchestra Artists: Adam Gottlieb, Alex Spence, Andrew Fedorovitch, Bonnie Stewart, Charlie Sundborn, Clara Pitt, Cor Fuhler, Dale Gorfinkel, Jack Stoneham, Jim Denley, Laura Altman, Marco Cheng, Max Alduca, Mel Herbert, Nick Ashwood, Peter Farrar, Prue Fuller, Rhys Mottley, Romy Caen, Ruby Everett, Solly Frank, and Sonya Holowell.


The Splinter Orchestra's practice draws from acoustic ecology, psycho-geography, and phenomenology to explore the idea of listening as an active practice. Their aesthetic favours subtlety, quietude and unusual sound sources. Many members have created their own self-playing sound devices, which are often dispersed around the space.

Adam Gottlieb - acoustic guitar researcher and biodynamic chicken farmer.

Alex Spence - clarinetist/sound artist who spent 4 years studying in Canada, bringing fresh perspective and some brilliant use of little electronics.

Andrew Fedorovitch - camouflaged alto sax and electronics - thoughtful, deeply committed ultra minimal sonic explorer. Creates ambiguity you would never expect from a man.

Bonnie Stewart - Irish Jazz drummer who whimsy's delicate lilting sonic objects with bodhrán, the floor and percussion.

Charlie Sundborn - young saxophonist digging into minimalist loops and mastering trumpet technique on his alto.

Clara Pitt - sweet breathed flutings and vocals through flute.

Cor Fuhler - he plays prepared guitar (or anything) with all the invention and playfulness you would expect from the master Dutch pianist.

Dale Gorfinkel - an instrument inventor and experienced improviser residing in Melbourne, but originally Sydney where he was a Splinter for many years.

Jack Stoneham - on either laptop or saxophone he finds and creates a space with unexpected interventions and layers.

Jim Denley - wind instruments - veteran improviser. Present at the first Splinter events and much else over the years.

Laura Altman - One of the best improvising clarinetist in the world. Biscuit tins shape her complex, insinuating lines and strange acoustic/electric resonations.

Marco Cheng - the most ephemeral guitarist in the universe. His contribution is often more like a mist of sound. Where is Marco?

Max Alduca - double bass and Yidarki - well trained Jazzer who has found his way to add low frequency events that aren't lines.

Mel Herbert - Composer usually working in site-specific installations. Her violin playing is deliberately naive - she refuses to know the instrument in a systematic way - and fresh.

Nick Ashwood - young guitarist from Southern Tasmania who is totally committed to wilding music.

Peter Farrar - One of the most innovative alto sax players in the world. Has totally transformed the instrument, although these days he's mainly playing drum machine and buckets in the group. Long standing member.

Prue Fuller - voice, small instruments. Art Brut, intelligent and inventor of "the aluminium reindeer on mirror." Sometimes makes text function.

Rhys Mottley - guitar legend picking and bowing new sonorities from a variety of string things.

Romy Caen - harmonium and electronics. The most precise and delicate acoustic minimalism but also attracted to the chaos of feedback. Made her own cake-tin-synth.

Ruby Everett - (alto sax) is not afraid to wander off and do her own thing, no matter what. Keeps astounding with her subtle expiration.

Solly Frank - a young composer who is also an inventor of clarinet and mouth shocks.

Sonya Holowell - brilliant classical singer who is newly coming to terms with her Indigenous heritage.