Seeding New Work for Podcast

B-Side Residency

Kaitlen Wellington, Connor MacNamara, Kryton Stewart, Bee Cruse


B-Side was a partnerhip with Urban Theatre Projects steered by journalist and broadcaster Daniel Browning and writer/director Andrea James. B-Side has been on offer to First Nations writers since 2013 and gives them the opportunity to tease out an idea in a professional, supported and cultrally safe environment. It was offered to South Coast artists in July 2018.

Four young emerging artists, Kaitlen Wellington, Connor MacNamara, Kryton Stewart and Bee Cruse (each with their own practice) were mentored through a process of generating and recording material for podcast. They came into residence over a week. The project was guided by 'Gulpa Ngawal' (deep listening). The group went on a deep listening bush walk with Uncle Max, recorded natural sounds and the human voice. They spent quiet time reflecting, writing and composing music. Together they developed a process of collaboartion and collage, weaving their singular voices and music into an integrated fifteen minute work called 'What is dreaming?' inspired by Uncle Max.

It's neither here nor there It's everywhere and nowhere