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Photo by Heidrun Lohr


NITERAFT was dazzling immersive work that came out of a collaboration between young people from Bomaderry High School and Sydney-based companies Shopfront and Curious Works.

This project has expanded the artistic horizon of the students and families in a regional context - this can sometimes be a challenge
- Michael Cohen, Creative Producer

Niteraft was a partnership between Bundanon Trust and Bomaderry High School. Sixteen gifted and talented young people worked with Sydney companies Curious Works and Shopfront.

This multi-media site specific project was developed collaboratively with students. It included digital animation, video and audio story telling, shadow puppetry, manipulation of objects, lights and performance.

During the course of the project, participants benefited from meeting eight diverse artists, each of whom focused on a particular aspect of the process, bringing their expertise to the making of the work. In their feedback students noted the fun they had whilst realizing that making art ''takes time'' and can include ''anything'' (such as tents, which became cavorting monsters). Guided by the artists, participants took on board the evolving nature and fluidity of the creative process.