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Planet Nowra

Nowra CBD

Planet Nowra

Planet Nowra was a partnership between Sydney based Theatre Kantanka's artistic director Carlos Gomes and guest artists Alison Clouston&Boyd, Katia Molino, Kym Vercoe and Sean Bacon working with local artists, makers and children.

Cities are built on individuals’ secrets: every corner, every lane, every public building is full of secret moments...
- Carlos Gomes, Director

The concept of ‘Planet Nowra’ was to uncover the hidden secrets of Nowra - to highlight aspects of the region, to re-imagine and reflect upon place, dream about the future and share personal stories. What are the landscapes? Who are the inhabitants? What do they think? What makes Nowra unique?

The artists collaborated with locals to re-examine their city through diverse artforms and to capture the spirit of Nowra. The process consisted of a series of making workshops in different mediums over the course of a year and involved around 100 people - including school children, local makers, artists, musicians, young people.