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Coffee cup, Arthur Boyd, c1945, ceramic. Photo Keith Saunders.

More about the Collection

Bundanon's art collection was the culmination of several years work by Boyd to bring together artworks representing his family. He achieved this by holding some works back from sale and buying others – in particular works by his parents and grandparents: Doris, Merric, Emma Minnie and Arthur Merric Boyd.

In addition to the art collection Bundanon also has a rugs and furniture collection, some of which date back to the 17th century; two book libraries; an archive of the Boyd family papers - including diaries from the early 1840s and photographs of family and friends; an image library of Arthur Boyd's work (beyond those held in the Collection) and records of significant events in Arthur's career.

Since 1997 Bundanon has hosted an artist in residence program which is now the largest in Australia, hosting several hundred artists from all disciplines and from all over the world. The Bundanon collection includes works gifted and acquired from visual artists such as Brook Andrew, John R Walker, Jan Hendrix, Rosemary Laing and Polixeni Papapetrou as well as housing an archive of artist books, scripts, compositions and working models related to artwork developed on the properties. The Trust has also commissioned artworks by Linda Dement, Janet Laurence and Nigel Helyer which form part of the collection.

The 1866 Bundanon Homestead and other heritage buildings on the properties also come under the care of the Trust and their upkeep is directed by a Heritage Management Strategy. The approach taken by Bundanon is to maintain the essence and atmosphere of the home as it was when given to the nation by the Boyds.

Bundanon continues to digitise its collection as it grows. All artworks are now captured (updated every two years to include new acquisitions) as well as rugs and furniture and the front covers of books from two libraries. We are now in the process of digitising the 40,000+ items in the Boyd family and Bundanon Trust Archives.Through digitisation Bundanon Trust aims to provide greater access to the collections for a wider audience locally, nationally and internationally for enjoyment and for the purposes of research, seeking copyright permission, sourcing images for reproduction and curatorial investigation.