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Homestead and Studio

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Bundanon Homestead and Arthur Boyd's Studio house hundreds of artworks, rugs, furniture, books and personal items connected to the Boyd family. Set in heritage gardens and grounds the Colonial homestead acquired by Arthur and Yvonne Boyd in 1979 is the perfect setting from which to build an understanding of the creative life of one of the most important families in Australian art history.

Concepts involve the future, possessions don't
- Arthur Boyd, late 1990s

Boyd lived between Bundanon and his homes in the UK and Italy from 1979 until his death in 1999 having previously established a home and studio at Riversdale (now also part of Bundanon Trust). This quarter of a century of working in the Shoalhaven enabled Boyd to create some of his most seminal works and to secure the Australian bush in the public imagination as both a representation of national identity and eternal values.

Boyd's working studio remains one of the most significant artistic sites in the country. Left as it was when he finished working there in 1998 the studio unpacks the working method of the artist and was the place where many of his greatest artworks were created, including the painting of the Shoalhaven bush on which the tapestry which now hangs in the Great Hall of Parliament House in Canberra was based.

Walking through the grounds at Bundanon, along bush and river tracks, it is possible to witness many of the scenes of rocks, orchids, spotted gums and birds immortalised in Boyd's late paintings.

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