immersed in nature

Environmental Education

Bundanon Trust connects school groups with the environment through its range of education programs. Programs offered are day visits for schools and include Touched by the Earth cross-curriculum program, as well as Earth and Environmental Science Living Landscape Case Study.

Living Landscape Case Study

This case study about the Living Landscape project focuses on lantana clearing, methods of weed control and bush regeneration.


Touched by the Earth

This cross-curriculum enrichment program is aimed at immersing students in the rich environmental, historical and cultural heritage of Bundanon Trust.


Stuttering Frog

Schools Siteworks

Bundanon Trust invited local schools to participate in SITEWORKS FOR SCHOOLS during 2014 with funding from Inspiring Australia, students experienced first-hand environmental issues and participated in surveys of flora and fauna on the Bundanon property with scientists and ecologists.


Shoalhaven Science Hub

Bundanon Trust is the lead organisation for the Shoalhaven Science Hub. In partnership with other oragnisations, Bundanon Trust conducted a Bio Blitz in 2014 and environmental science education programs with funding from Inspiring Australia.