drawing to see

Big Draw

The Big Draw is held annually in more than 20 countries, with more than 280,000 involved in more than 100 events, the Big Draw aims to promote “visual literacy” and to demonstrate the social, economic and health benefits that the universal language of drawing can bring. Bundanon has held a Big Draw event each year since 2015.

Big Draw 2019

Arthur Boyd’s drawings and paintings of the Shoalhaven grace the walls of galleries around the world. His love for Bundanon, so eloquently captured on canvas, has inspired generations of artists to visit the Bundanon properties. Visitors at the Big Draw 2019 were invited to create their own interpretations of the Shoalhaven landscape.

Big Draw 2018

Using a long panoramic form of paper, we used drawn images to explore concepts of space, landforms, viewpoint, horizons and multi perspectives. We explored a range of materials and media such as charcoal, coloured soft pastels and XL graphite blocks.

Big Draw 2018

Big Draw 2017

"The very first things we know made by human beings on the planet were drawings. Not writing, or buildings, but drawings…. Drawing is central, not peripheral." - Paul Klee

In 2017, we visited the stunning rainforest sites at Bundanon to record the diverse flora and ecosystems.

Big Draw 2016

Bundanon’s Big Draw 2016 happened on 10 January, and we explored themes of journeys, travelling, and holidays. For the 2016 event we were inspired by Travelling Colony, a major installation work by leading Australian artist Brook Andrew. Launched at Sydney Festival 2012, with part of the work calling Bundanon home ever since. Inspired by his Wiradjuri heritage, popular culture and the circus, Andrew produced this work in an attempt to compel audiences to see issues of race, consumerism and local history in new and different ways.

Big Draw 2015

Arthur Boyd put the Shoalhaven on the international map with his stunning depictions of its river and the surrounding bush. His drawings and paintings have inspired generations of artists to visit the Bundanon properties and to create their own interpretations of its wonderful landscape. Bundanon Trust launched the Bundanon Big Draw in 2015, following a world-wide trend to encourage the public to put everything else aside and draw for a day. We rolled out paper along the River Walk and over 100 people of all ages made their marks on Sunday January 8.