linking practice with place

Bundanon Workshops

Bundanon workshops link arts practice with place. All workshops are tailored to the year level of students and courses studied. The short one to two hour workshop is offered to schools on the first day of their visit.

Visual Effects

This workshop is based at the riverbank where Arthur Boyd painted many works from his Shoalhaven River series. Using ink and wash techniques, with drawing tools sourced from the environment, students develop confidence in expressive drawing of the iconic river and rocks. Line, movement, texture and tone are a focus. If time permits, a second drawing of Pulpit Rock using pen and limited colour is created. This workshop can provide an excellent starting point for Collagraph printing plates.

Environmental Sculpture

Inspired by the work of artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and Tim Pugh, this workshop allows students to use the world of the natural environment as inspiration for art making. Students collect material from the environment and create small sculptures and installations, considering the importance of the site and context. Students follow a decision making process through experimentation and collaboration. Students are encouraged to document their art using photography and drawing.

Pulpit Rock & Caravans

Two caravans from Brook Andrew’s Travelling Colony, initially installed at Carriageworks as part of the Sydney Festival 2011, have been at Bundanon since 2012. The geometric patterns on the caravans contrast strongly with the natural environment of Bundanon. Students work with a variety of viewpoints and combine subject matter from the caravans and iconic Pulpit Rock developing detail drawing skills in an imaginative approach.

Landscape Photography

Using settings in the Bundanon environment, students create a series of landscape themed photographs, working collaboratively in groups or pairs. They can incorporate an expressive approach, focus on the structural or post-modern frame, focus on portraiture and introduce drama and narrative. Students may bring prep-prepared items with them to photograph as an installation. Portraiture is also an option. Students should have their own cameras, smart phones or devices to use.

Pulpit Rock with watercolour

Walking from the homestead towards the river along the Janet Laurence linear arboretum, Treelines Track to a closer viewpoint of Pulpit Rock. Using pen and watercolour, participants will experiment with marking making techniques to develop their own style to create an impression of the escarpment. The image carousel for this workshop is under construction.