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Education Resources

Based around the Collection, touring and Upstairs Gallery exhibitions, there are a variety of resources to assist students and teachers in further study and research.

Arthur Boyd Timeline

This education guide is designed to support a Case Study of Arthur Boyd. The key dates and events of Arthur's life and arts practice are shown.

Arthur Boyd's Studio and Practice

On an old rustic cane chair hangs Arthur’s painting shirt and jumper, above his hat and his much-fingered book ...
- Ursula Hoff

This education guide explores the details of Arthur's studio and his arts practice and is designed to support a Case Study of Arthur Boyd.

Arthur Boyd: Landscape of the Soul

This exhibition will consider the landscape in Arthur Boyd’s work from youthful plein air subjects celebrating light, to the final phase of Boyd’s career depicting the Shoalhaven on the south coast of New South Wales. Between his beginning and end, weaving a peripatetic existence spanning Australia, England and Europe, there was also the landscape Boyd carried within himself – not merely topographic, but a psychic sense of place.

(Above) Arthur Boyd, Man launching boat, c1940 (detail), oil on canvas on board. Bundanon Trust Collection.

Boyd Ceramics

View the education guide for the ceramics of Merric and Doris Boyd displayed in the cedar cabinet at Bundanon Homestead

Bundanon Nawi

Early Colonial records state that a canoe had been created by local Aboriginal people living in the Shoalhaven in six hours. The Bundanon Nawi took eight hours to make from a Stringybark tree found on the Bundanon property. It is the first Aboriginal bark canoe to float on the Shoalhaven river in living memory.


The old testament story of Nebuchadnezzar gave rise to a series of powerful and disturbing works by Arthur Boyd commenting on the Vietnam War. It was started in 1966, continued in 1967 and extended into the 1990’s.This resource sheds more light on this complex and engaging series of works. Boyd equates Nebuchadnezzar with America pushing into the Vietnam war. Arthur Boyd often drew inspiration from the Bible and ancient mythology. Sometimes he placed these themes in the midst of the Australian landscape. His most recent biographer, Darleen Bungey, describes how Arthur was responding to the suffering and madness around him, at the time of the Vietnam war. This resource sheds more light on this complex and engaging series of works.

An Active Witness

This education guide for Arthur Boyd: An Active Witness is designed to complement a visit to this exhibition which toured Australia in 2013-2016 with a series of discussion questions and activities for students to explore with the guidance of teachers. Choose the discussion questions appropriate to each age group and ability. The guide makes substantial use of the exhibition catalogue essay by Curator and Author Zara Stanhope.

The Paper

Shot on location at Bundanon between May and July 2013 by artist Rosemary Laing, The Paper shows the Bundanon landscape deeply carpeted in newspaper. The Paper is on show in Bundanon Homestead’s Upstairs Gallery until 26 April 2015.

White gums and ramoxes

This resource was designed for the touring exhibition White gums and ramoxes (2009-2012). Themes of the exhibition include family relationships, imagery, subject matter, forms of artworks, symbols and meaning in the work of the Boyd family represented in the exhibition. The guides are suitable for a range of school groups. Of particular interest is the background to curating and designing the exhibition with the roles of specialists described.