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Bundanon Long Workshops

Workshops in a range of mediums and techniques engage visual art and design students. Choose from workshops focusing on drawing, printmaking, painting, photomedia, collage and illustration, inspired by the landscape of Bundanon. All workshops are tailored to the year level of students and courses studied.

Workshop List

The beautiful environment means plenty of inspiration for our students

You can download the full list of Long workshops and view examples of the workshops here.

Layered Landscape

This is an excellent workshop for developing a landscape composition, using additive and subtractive elements. Using an experimental layered approach, students develop tonal and textural responses to the landscape beginning with a willow charcoal ground on gesso paper. A range of erasing techniques using soft and hard erasers are demonstrated. This under-drawing is used to develop the composition. Subsequent layers of compressed charcoal and soft pastel mark-making create texture and contrast. Selective colour is used to highlight landscape features. The location for this workshop is near the AIR complex or at Rosemary's Rocks.

Artist's Books

The students really enjoyed making artists books, a structured activity and integrated photography tasks with this.

Inspired by artists books in the Bundanon Collection and by artists in residence, including Arthur Boyd and Indra Deigan’s Sangkuriang, students develop their own artist’s book. Commencing with observational drawing using pen, ink, wash and collage, the artwork is further developed into a zig zag format with book cloth covers. Students design and construct their book using various starting points.

A digitised e-book version of Sangkuriang can be viewed here.

Superpanorama Drawing

The Bundanon landscape, with views across to the Shoalhaven River escarpment and Pulpit Rock is an amazing panorama. We select views from this panorama, from different locations. We create drawn images on a panoramic form of kraft paper exploring concepts of space, landforms, viewpoint, scale, horizons and perspective. Using a range of media such as willow, compressed and chunky charcoal, we explore mark-making responding to the tone and textures in the environment. White and coloured soft pastels are used to combine and link the composition and emphasize different subject matter.

Mosaic Landscape

Excellent workshops by enthusiastic professionals

This workshop explores the approach and practice of artists such as John Wolseley. Students will explore images from the surrounding Riversdale creek and hillside environment to use as starting points and inspiration for their work. Viewing the environment from old maps, different perspectives and creating detailed drawings and rubbings, students explore the natural world. They are encouraged to record responses to their journey through the chosen environment and to develop skills in illustration. Students are challenged to develop a response to the site and will be encouraged to use the post-modern frame to explore language and text to consider their own sense of place. This workshop involves techniques in a mixed media collage approach together with ink and wash.


Focus and time to allow for an in-depth experience alongside an inspirational location.

This workshop explores the miniscule and micro in the world of the natural environment. Students discover the microstructures in discarded elements of the environment such as leaves, seedpods, bark, twigs, grass and other fallen debris. This workshop involves the subjective frame in collecting, selecting and organising a small assemblage from natural objects, followed by the creation of a detailed drawing and small gouache painting.

Plein Air Painting

The magnificent view of the Shoalhaven River at Bundanon Beach is the inspiration for an interpretive landscape painting. Working “en plein air”, students experiment with different painting techniques and compositions through exploring personal approaches to landscape painting. Colour mixing, selective limited palettes, together with textural and tonal effects are explored creating different moods and dimensions in the work. They explore each other’s responses through discussion throughout the workshop. Schools are able to bring pre-prepared canvases for this workshop if they wish. The images for this workshop will be uploaded when available.

Landscape Photography

Tour the Bundanon property, photographing heritage buildings, landforms and different ecosystems. Students should have their own cameras, smart phones or devices to use. We incorporate workshop glass prisms and mirrors to reflect and distort images or place a focus on special aspects of the composition. The images for this workshop will be uploaded when available.


Arthur Boyd incorporated the skull image of the horse ‘Flame’ into some of his artworks. It was one of his personal symbols. Through the process of detailed drawings using a variety of media and techniques, students familiarize themselves with the forms and structures of skulls belonging to wombats, kangaroos and farm animals. We develop the composition using pen, inks, collage, wash and graphite. The format is a square.

Experimental Printing

Objects and images from the manufactured and natural world form the subject matter for this workshop which explores print making from an experimental perspective. Students produce a series of artworks using a combination of prints created from rubbings, stencilled images, printed surfaces, Gelli plates, foam plates and textures. Students juxtapose and play with various images, use overlaying, collage and over-printing to create their compositions. The final artworks may focus on a single theme or be individual pieces. This workshop focuses on the Subjective and Structural Frames.

Visual Design Workshops

Experience of beauty of natural environment as a source for art making...

Bundanon Panorama involves a series of drawing studies based on the architecture and built environment of Bundanon including historic buildings. Students observe and draw the structures and design a layered panoramic composition which incorporates different viewpoints, perspectives and elevation drawings with photographs and collages of patterns and structures. Text may be introduced into the design. This workshop is suitable for Visual Design students. Note the images are of the same workshop at Riversdale.