The Listening Project

Heads Up

60+Performance Ensemble featuring Ann Frankham | Video Sam James

Heads Up

'Heads Up' was about being part of a listening community. For five months in 2018 the 60+Ensemble gathered at Shoalhaven Heads to talk and write about trees and more than that, to listen to each other without judgement and often without comment.

How to listen with your heart and senses and not just your ears; not matter what our life circumstances are - we are all vulnerable people.
- Ann Frankham, Ensemble Member

'Heads Up' evolved out of an 18 month project with our local seniors and was based on the premise that well- being is enhanced by active participation in the arts.

It sounds so simple and yet how difficult it is to open our hearts and our ears at the same time. Our compassion muscle is weakened so often by life's busy-ness.

To listen without judgement is a skill which takes a lifetime to learn, and so what better stage in life to truly exercise it, than in our older years. (Annette Tesoriero, Director)

The result was a beautiful and moving, multilayered performance including story-telling, video and live music. Presented at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Cetnre, Studio on May 12, 2018

Performers: Ann Frankham, Annie Howard, Elizabeth Elder, Horst Reimann, Inez Atai, Jennifer Abbott, Larraine Franklin, Mary Williams, Pat Rowe, Roslyn Wilson, Shirley Read-Jahn, Tessa Volpatti

Video: Sam James | Music: Max Croot, Govinda Abbott, Juliana Mathews | Katandra Women's Choir | Director: Annette Tesoriero (Shoalhaven Health and Arts)