A year-long multi visit program for Stage 4 students. Engaging students and connecting them with the environment through a cross-curricular program.

Bundanon has been working closely with our schools since 2012 to deliver Touched by the Earth which aims to immerse students in the rich environmental, historical, and cultural heritage of Bundanon. The year-long program involves students in cross-curriculum studies, research, and knowledge exchange, learning about caring for Country, geography and science enabled through the arts, as well as providing connection to First Nations custodians, artists in residence and researchers.

Students engage in learning linked to the Stage 4 curriculum.

The program is developed in consultation with each school and includes a series of three, day visits, usually one per term, followed by an overnight canoe journey and camp in Term 3 or 4.


“A beautiful, peaceful, historical environment in which the students can learn about and appreciate their place within nature and the significance of Arthur Boyd’s legacy- so different from the classroom environment. I have developed a new awareness of what my students can achieve personally and collaboratively. I have seen some amazing talents emerge and it has been wonderful to see them grow in their abilities.” Fiona, staff member Bomaderry High School

Program includes:

  • 18 –20 hours of connected learning experiences led by Bundanon’s specialist team and a range of experts including First Nations custodians, ecologists, poets, artists and outdoor recreation facilitators.
  • Completed throughout the school year including three, day visits and one overnight camp.
  • All materials for any art activities.
  • All materials for any writing/poetry activities
  • An exploration of the Homestead and Arthur Boyd’s studio
  • Canoe hire
  • Afternoon tea, dinner, breakfast and lunch during the overnight camp

Cost from $300 per person

Examples of activities
  • A First Nations cultural experience led by a local custodian, elder or artist.
  • An experience with a local ecologist or natural resources staff member to learn about different ecologies and bush regeneration.
  • Poetry writing workshop with a Red Room poet in residence.
  • A studio visit and activity led by an artist in residence.
  • Create an artist’s book or journal as documentation including written and drawn responses.
  • A day exploring geology and river systems.

“The beauty, history, setting and expertise have melded to produce an understanding of the inspirations of the artists and given permission for students to follow their ideas. There is an art to learning and it has been developed in this place. Time to think and evaluate ideas is a precious commodity. This time has been used to follow ideas to completion.” Tim, staff member Bomaderry High School

“Making new friends, this program allowed us to interact with people that we normally don’t talk to. At this residential, I think everyone has become closer and this is really good. I have developed as a learner.” Student 

“The best thing was knowing that everyone has a special quality because now I know that everyone in just 3 days can do such great things.” Student 

Film | Touched by the Earth 


Bundanon acknowledges the Wodi Wodi and the Yuin, of the South Coast region, and recognises their continuous connection to culture, community and Country.

In Dharawal the word Bundanon means deep valley.

This website contains names, images and voices of deceased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.