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Heritage Management

Heritage Management

Bundanon is committed to caring for and maintaining the heritage buildings on its properties. The Trust has commissioned a major study of the built environment of the two properties, including the Homestead, servants quarters, heritage kitchen, Arthur Boyd's studio and the artist in residence complex all at Bundanon, and the timber homestead, studio and Boyd Education Centre at Riversdale.

Heritage significance

The Shoalhaven City Council has stated that Bundanon Homestead is an outstanding Victorian Georgian country residence, farmhouse and farm buildings, dating from the 1860's, set in a nineteenth century rural landscape with twentieth Significance century overlays. The property is significant at the following levels:

Local significance

For its historical associations with the Mackenzie family, the rural river based community, river traffic and with the evolution of the rural landscapes surrounding the lower Shoalhaven River;

Regional significance

For the aesthetic qualities of the residence and its landscape setting; and for the cultural landscape setting which demonstrates the principal characteristics of nineteenth century pastoral landscapes, their social and working structure and the distinctive way of life experienced on remote, self sufficient properties in the nineteenth century. Attributes which illustrate this are the location of the house, the range of nineteenth century vernacular buildings, the archaeological sites and the patterns of land use.

National significance

For its association with renowned international artist Arthur Boyd whose work in the 1970's and 1980's depicted elements of the landscapes surrounding Bundanon.