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Riversdale Architecture

Originally a farming property, Riversdale was the first property in the Shoalhaven to be purchased by Arthur and Yvonne Boyd. The The Arthur and Yvonne Boyd Education Centre, designed by Glenn Murcutt, Wendy Lewin and Reg Lark, was opened in 1999.

Riversdale is not open to the public.
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Boyd Education Centre

the most influential building in Australia in the last 25 years
- Architecture Review Magazine, 2008

The Boyd Education Centre was commenced in 1997 and completed in December 1998 and officially opened by Hon Peter McGauran on February 21 1999. The building comprises a forecourt and open plan hall area, a commercial kitchen and residential accommodation for 32, magnificently sited with spectacular views of the Shoalhaven River. It caters for a diverse range of activities including dining, education workshops, conferences, weddings, performances and rehearsals. It has been described as a building which heightens the appreciation of its’ surroundings.


  • Glenn Murcutt AO, LFRAIA, architect - practicing as Glenn Murcutt and Associates Pty. Ltd.
  • Wendy Lewin ARAIA architect - practicing as Wendy Lewin Architects Pty. Ltd.
  • Reg Lark ARAIA architect - practicing as Reg Lark Architect Pty. Ltd.


  • Structural Engineering - James Taylor & Associates
  • Electrical Engineer - E. Shelmerdine & Partners
  • Hydraulics Engineer - Harris Page & Associates
  • Quantity Surveyor - Northcroft Q S Partnership

Materials used

  • Walls: Steel formwork, off-form concrete, brick paving
  • Cladding: timber framed accommodation wing fins, external grade W/P ply
  • Timber Trim: Pine, brush box and WR cedar
  • Roof Structure: recycled hardwood, steel flitched beams(composite structures), Beams and purlins use a composite construction of timber and steel hardwood purlins(columns are brush box, Beams and purlins are blackbutt)
  • Roofing: Corrugated, galvanised iron to match the cottages
  • Floors: Recycled brush-box timber
  • Doors, Cupboards and Ceilings of bedrooms: Yellow hoop pine ply:
  • Large Doors of hall: old growth Oregon
  • Door slats: Oregon
  • Steelwork: finished in black micaceous paint
  • Brass used for fittings & locks

View a gallery of images of the design and construction of the Boyd Education Centre here


a major work, exhibiting the masterly simplicity and resolution that characterises Murcutt’s best buildings.
- Jury of 1999 RAIA Sir Zelman Cowan Award

Arthur and Yvonne Boyd Education Centre, designed by Glenn Murcutt, Wendy Lewin and Reg Lark, has won the following major awards:

  • 1999 NSW Chapter of the RAIA- Sulman Award for Public Buildings
  • 1999 National RAIA - Sir Zelman Cowan Award for Public Buildings
  • 2003 Kenneth F Brown Asia Pacific Culture and Architecture Award

Glenn Murcutt

my architecture has attempted to convey something of the discrete character of elements in the Australian landscape, to offer my interpretation in built form
- Glenn Murcutt

Glenn Murcutt AO, LFRAIA, one of the three architects responsible for designing the Boyd Education Centre, is a world renowned architect and architectural educator. He has won the following awards:

  • 1992 International Alvar Alto Medal for architecture from Finland
  • 1992 Australian RAIA Gold Medal for architecture
  • 1998 American Richard Neutra International Award for practice and teaching
  • 1999 Royal Danish Institute of Architects International Green Pin award for Architecture and Ecology
  • 2001 American Thomas Jefferson International Award for Architecture
  • 2002 International Pritzker Architecture Prize for a body of work in Architecture
  • 2002 Danish International Award for 'Making a Difference' through teaching and Practice
  • 2009 American Institute of Architects' Gold Medal for the body of work in Architecture
  • 2015 Royal Scottish Academy International Medal for a body of work in Architecture
The architects

Reg Lark, Glenn Murcutt and Wendy Lewin, 2013

History of Riversdale

In 1853 Captain Charles Wardlow gained a crown land grant on the Shoalhaven River at Riversdale which consisted of 64 acres.The property was passed down through the family until it was sold in 1954 to George Walker of Cambewarra. In 1974 the Walkers sold Riversdale to Arthur and Yvonne Boyd the Boyd's added 2 parcels of land totalling 144 acres, more than twice the original 1853 land grant.

The original Riversdale cottage dates from late 19th Century this building is now the administration offices of the Bundanon Trust. The cottage was renovated by the Boyds in 1973. They engaged Sydney architect Andre Porebski to restore the old farm house and build another in the same style, joined by a covered walkway. He also designed and built Arthur a studio. The buildings follow the original language of the house, but with colonial detail and proportions. Stone steps and verandahs link the cottages.

BEC Digital Book

The building was chosen for its architectural merits, relation to a notable Australian painter and having been designed by outstanding, award-winning Australian architects.
- Verdy Kwee & Antony Radford

This digital book project created by Verdy Kwee and Antony Radford from The University of Adelaide commenced as an academic exercise in 2003. Subsequently, it grew into a substantially larger project. The building was chosen for its architectural merits, relation to a notable Australian painter and having been designed by outstanding, award-winning Australian architects. Initially, the authors had considered traditional publication, but found there were too many limitations, so this ebook was created. Once you navigate to the website page, follow the instruction to download the software, and you will then be able to use this resource. Bundanon Trust thanks Verdy Kwee & Antony Radford for this great documentation.

Find the resource here