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The word Bundanon (Buntanoon or Bundanoon) means deep gully or deep valley and comes from BU(LAIA):N:DHAIA(LA) meaning "two things deep" and NOON from the pronoun NYUNG meaning "his". Michael Organ, University of Wollongong


Bundanon has been joining with local Indigenous people, and the Rural Fire Service, in returning ‘cultural burning’ to the properties.

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Firesticks 2018


An active partnership ... that fosters respect and understanding of Indigenous cultural heritage ...
- Reconciliation Action Plan

The Wodi Wodi are the traditional custodians of the land on which the Bundanon, Riversdale and Eearie Park properties are located. They share the Dhurawal language with the Yuin of the South Coast.

Bundanon Trust's commitment to working with Aboriginal communities is guided by a Reconciliation Action Plan. We have also commissioned an Indigenous Cultural Heritage Strategy. These can be accessed below.

Another reference is Moving Through Country: Indigenous Cosmology and Traditional Life at Bundanon, Sue Feary and Heather Moorcroft, Siteworks: A Field Guide to Bundanon, Bundanon Trust 2014.


Artists and Scholars

Bundanon supports the creative endeavours of Indigenous artists regionally and nationally. Our artist in residence program brings Australia’s most significant Indigenous arts companies, artists and scholars to the Shoalhaven, many of whom engage with the local community and share their skills and experiences at the time of their visit through mentoring, workshops and performances.

Participating artists and companies include:

Brook Andrew, William Barton, Cesar Basi aka Choo Choo, Merv Bishop, Michelle Blakeney, Max “Dulumunmun” Harrison, Anita Heiss, Will Jarrett aka Wire MC, Marcia Langton, the Chooky Dancers, Thelma Plumb, Jimmy Little, Cecil McLeod, Richard Scott Moore, Samuel Wagan Watson, Brenda Croft, Boolarng Nangamai, Bonny Brennan, Mabel Dungay, Debbie Hempstead, Lila Lawrence, Noel Lonesborough, Steven Russell, Phyllis Stewart, IndigeLab, Nadeena Dixon, Sharyn Egan, Jenny Fraser,Wesley Enoch, Genevieve Grieves, Djon Mundine, Lily Shearer, Gordon Syron, Pallingjang, Tess Allas, Aroha Groves, Danny Teece-Johnson, Lorraine Brown, Louise Brand, Beryl Brieley, Jessica Bulger, Kevin Butler, Cheryl Davison, Don Davison, Julie Freeman,Clive Freeman,Colleen Dixon, Thomas Goulder, Gary Jones, Val Law, Lila Lawrence, Sue Leppan, Alice McKenzie, Marley Loretta Parsley, Georgina Parsons, Matthew Poll, Reggie Ryan, Darrell Sibosado, Mally Smart, Jodi Stewart, Narelle Thomas, Papunya Tula, Billy Stockman, Tjapaltjarri Tjakamarra, Naisda, Accelerate (British Council), Namatjira family, Doonooch, Jonathan Jones, Lee Darroch.


Images (left to right in four rows) 1. Jimmy Little; Genevieve Grieves; Djon Mundine; Mervyn Bishop; Cecil McLeod; Marcia Langton; 2. Phyllis Stewart; Anita Heiss; Wire MC; William Barton, Samuel Wagan Watson; Michelle Blakeney. 3. Brook Andrew, Thelma Plum, Wesley Enoch, Sharyn Egan, Noel Lonesborough, Brenda Croft 4. Danny Teece-Johnson, Lily Shearer, Nadeena Dixon, Gordon Syron, Lee Darrock, Jonathan Jones

Arts and Education Projects

Bundanon aims to increase access to all its programs for the Aboriginal community. TAFE Aboriginal Visual Arts students, Aboriginal school students and members of Indigenous cultural and community organisations are supported to attend for residential and day visits.

The art day with the Jerrinja people was a great success. The men grasped the idea of environmental sculpture as a very Aboriginal way of expressing their feeling for the land...Everybody had a lot of fun, learnt something about themselves, and returned home proud to have been part of the day. It was a very positive experience for members of a troubled community. A day of healing.

Bruce Angus, Jerrinja Orient Point


Indigenous Education program

Bundanon Blak

Oolong House


The Bundanon Nawi

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