sky, earth, water


From rocky escarpments to fertile river flats, the physical spaces of the Bundanon Trust properties and the lifeforms which inhabit them are natural wonders.


...the characteristic Shoalhaven landscape, the division into thirds: sky,earth, water
- Darleen Bungey, in Arthur Boyd: A Life

The geophysical character of the Shoalhaven River Valley indicates millennia of deposition and erosion. Imposing banded blocks of sandstone force the river to turn and change its course.



photo: Doug Spowart


The Shoalhaven River has created a meadering course bounded by river flats.


the river

Flora & Fauna Surveys

In 1985, Kevin Mills was commissioned to conduct a flora and fauna survey by Arthur and Yvonne Boyd. His report Ecological Survey of Proposed Additions: Bundanon Wildlife Refuge: Shoalhaven City is the first known documentation of Bundanon’s flora and fauna.

In May 1996, the Bundanon Fauna and Flora survey by Daly and Leonard was completed. This extensive survey documented hundreds of species and over 11 different vegetation communities. Since then Gary Daly has surveyed the properties as a consultant for the Living Landscape project and other reports. Additional surveys were completed by Total Earth Care as part of the Land Management Plan, 2011.

Bio Blitz 2014, a citizen science event held as part of the SITEWORKS 2014 program, enabled the general public to participate in flora and fauna surveys with ecologists and experts.

Fauna Surveys of Haunted Point 2013 (9 MB)


There are marvellous bushwalks, rare wildflowers, kangaroos, lyrebirds, bowerbirds, owls, lorikeets, cockatoos, wombats
- Arthur Boyd, 1989

On 1,100 hectares, Bundanon Trust hosts over 11 different vegetation communities of native bushland with an abundance of flora species



photo: Mike Leggett


The diversity of fauna across the Bundanon Trust properties is classified in faunal families: Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish and Ferals.


Black Cockatoo

Black Cockatoo. Photo: Mike Leggett

Land Management

A holistic approach to environmental and land management responsibilities is demonstrated in the developing Land Management Strategy informed by a range of commissioned documents.


landscape management

Field Days

Bundanon Trust established the Field Day in 2015 to further engage visitors in learning about natural resource management including support from the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service and South East Local Land Services.

Bundanon Field Day 2015

Bundanon Field Day 2016

Bundanon Field Day 2017