Social History

Bundanon from the north west, with Helen Mackenzie sitting on cart, c1918. Bundanon Trust Archive.

The Bundanon properties are located on the land of the Wodi Wodi, of the Yuin nation who speak the Dharawal language, of the South Coast and the Illawarra.


The site of Bundanon was first seen by Europeans in 1805 when James Meehan, a surveyor in Government employ, sailed from Port Jackson to the mouth of the Crookhaven River and inspected the Shoalhaven River as far west as the Burrier ford.



The social history of Riversdale


Eearie Park & Beeweeree

The social history of Eearie Park & Beeweeree.

From the mid nineteenth century the Shoalhaven River supported many farm properties and provided a mechanism for settlers to bring their produce to the coast for sale. The families living along the river near Bundanon were closely associated socially, and often by marriage.


Guiding Documents


Information for this section of our website and the related exhibition has been drawn from the following sources:

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