Janet Laurence


Treelines Track

TREELINES TRACK weaves a connection between old and new concepts of landscape. It is a linear passage of trees that form a walking track connecting the natural bush and farm land to the Homestead garden and on to the new regenerated zone. Like a linear arboretum that celebrates trees, it evokes and tells stories of the landscape revealing the different ways trees exist between the natural, the settler culture and the contemporary environmental approach.

Treelines Track tells stories and celebrates trees. Stones placed with trees along the track will create stopping points. They are scripted with varying texts, fragments of poems and prose written either at Bundanon or about its landscape.

Beginning at the ruin of the original farmhouse and winding down through the old forest the path follows along the edge of the lagoon and then swoops across an open paddock towards the Bundanon Homestead. The walk then reveals the dramatic transformation of lower river flats resulting from the Trust’s Living Landscape bush regeneration project. The walk continues along a ridge, down to the shores of the Shoalhaven River and back up past the Wattles before ending back at the main house.

Over twenty-five years, Janet Laurence’s practice has extended to painting, sculpture, installation, photography, architectural and landscape interventions. The major themes that have emerged in the work include: the relationship between the museum, the natural world, and notions of preservation; the exploration of hybrid landscapes that involve a fusion of natural and urban elements; alchemy and the transformation of elements from one state to another.

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