Hold Your Breath (Count To Ten), 2018

Daley King

Daley King is an eclectic, queer writer, theatre maker, and stage manager; raised in Perth, he was born in New Zealand, with Māori heritage. Exploring the outer limits of performance through his personal experiences with mental and neurodevelopmental disorders he generates unpredictable and uncomfortable art in a celebration of chaos.

Daley creates socially-engaged, politically-charged performance works exploring the fringes of society, and the furthest corners of humanity. There include manic solo puppet show I’m Not Alright, environmental underwater satire TANK and thought-provoking artistic introspection Hold Your Breath (Count To Ten). Brutally honest in his observations of the world, he fuels his writing and art with the darkest of humour and has been described as “rewriting the rule book”.


Daley King is in the process of generating two intriguing new theatrical works, Curiosity and Lipstuck. Both are currently in development; the former an exciting new play being written with Black Swan State Theatre Company's Emerging Writers Group, and the latter a work of performance art to be developed and performed in conjunction with pvi collective's KISS club.

Curiosity is an intimate exploration of human connection, and universal loneliness, through the eyes of a troubled social worker and their intriguing client, who bond over a mutual fascination with the Mars Rover. It explores the social isolation that can be faced by those with mental and physical disorders and disability.

Lipstuck explores the social, historical, and cultural influence of lipstick, based on Daley's own gender-noncomformity and lived experience, and the documented stories of female, trans, queer, and non-binary humans. It explores the use of lipstick as both a tool of body politics, and a weapon of oppression, through a vibrant queer kaleidoscope of experimental performance, visual art, and verbatim storytelling.