Ranters Theatre

Ranters Theatre

Ranters Theatre make original work that responds to the social and psychological contexts of everyday life. They are interested in the ordinary rituals of day-to-day living and the strange personal details that lie beneath the skin of social convention. Questions at the centre of their work are ‘how do we experience the worlds that we inhabit?’ and ‘how do we perform our lives?’

Short Films/Encounters is a collaboration between Melbourne’s Ranters Theatre and Creative VaQi from Seoul. The project is about 6 performers, 3 Australian and 3 Korean, and their response to the flow of daily life in an outdoor environment.

Adriano Cortese is Artistic Director of Ranters Theatre. Ranters is an experimental theatre company creating performances that investigate the social and psychological contexts of everyday life. His productions have toured nationally and internationally to 13 countries since 1999.

Kyung-Sung Lee is an award winning director with his company Creative VaQi and is the current Artistic Director of the Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival. Since 2008 his work with Creative VaQi has received wide critical aclaim. Working in traditional spaces as well as alternative sites the work of VaQi confronts the personal and social conditions of contemporary Korean society.

Heejin Lee has extensive experience working as a producer throughout Korea and internationally with her company Producer Group DOT. DOT works with a diverse range of artists from diverse backgrounds in theatre, dance and interdisciplinary arts. Heejin is co-producer for Short Films.

Sooyeon Sung is a founding member of Creative VaQi and has performed in and co-written all their major productions. Outside the company Sooyeon works with a diverse range of Korean artists creating work in film and theatre. Sooyeon recently received the Best New Actress award from the Korean Theatre Association.

Beth Buchanan has worked extensively as an actor in theatre, television and film and is a founding member of Ranters Theatre. Beth also works as a writer and her recent work with Ranters includesIntimacy and Come Away with Me to the End of the World at Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne.

Woojun Lee is a composer and sound artist from Seoul and has been collaborating with Creative VaQi since 2013. He has worked with many important artists in Korea as well as internationally including Brian Eno and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra where his composition won the Aberdeen Music Prize.

Kyungmin NAH has appeared in many Korean TV dramas such as "Revival", "Queen Cheon-chu", "Cinderella Sister", and in 2008, he joined Creative VaQi in order to search for new theatrical language and deal with current social issues. With VaQi he has performed in diverse pieces including "Practice of Theatre: Namsan Documenta", "Conversations", "Before After", "Talk about Her". He is also interested in both post-dramatic acting and traditional acting, and has performed in "Thursday Between Him and Her", and "Pink Girl".

Dahuin KIM is graduated from Drama Schoo of Joongang University in 2008. He started his career as a musical theatre drama actor. He is currently a member of Creative VaQi and Yeonwoo Stage and has performed fin "The Death of Salesman", "India Blog", "Turkey Blues", "Inside Himalaya", "Let Us Move Your Sofa", "Practice of Theatre: Namsan Documenta", "Before After".

Deborah Leiser-Moore is a performance maker using multiple theatrical languages toinvestigate culture/identity. For her most recent work, KaBooM: Stories From DistantFrontlines, she interviewed ex-soldiers about their first hand war experiences. In 2014 she collaborated with/performed in Richard Schechner's Imagining O in New York. Other works include Cordelia, Mein Kind,a room with no air (with Regina Heilmann) and HUNGRY. Deborah’s touring highlights include Festiwal Szekspirowski (Poland);Toga Festival (Japan); Marsh Theater (San Fransisco) ; Magdelaena Festival (NZ) andAdelaide Festival (Australia). Deborah studied with Tadashi Suzuki in Japan,trained in Ettiene Decroux, and regularly teaches at universities.


Ranters Theatre has been working in the streets of Melbourne and Seoul and during their residency at Bundanon they will be researching ideas for the indoor component of their work.