Saturday 23 September 2017

“Birds do it, bees do it…probably we’ll live to see machines do it…” - Cole Porter 1928

At Siteworks in 2017 we examined the lives of the remnant dinosaurs that fly amongst us and exploring the universe and navigation of bees, those bearers of fertility and harbingers of ecological collapse.

Along the way there were real and imagined habitats, sonic interpretations, scientific research unpacked, showy costumes, sex education and erotic tales.

There were also opportunities for children of all ages to enjoy encounters with real live bees and birds. And a dawn chorus for those who camped overnight.

Bundanon’s annual spring event brings scientists, artists and community voices together to share knowledge and ideas arising from the Bundanon sites through discussions, presentations and experiences.

Image: Deborah Kelly, Birth of Beeness, 2017



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