Utako Shindo (image by Angela Connor)

Utako Shindo

Utako Shindo is an artist, and creates installation artwork with an attempt to open a poetic place that can provoke audiences’ subtle and nuanced understandings of the world.

Comprised of visual, aural and spatial components, her work embodies various transference processes: between image and material, sound and texture, architecture and atmosphere, and subject and object. Since 2003, she has worked and exhibited in numerous art projects and venues between Japan and Australia, as well as other locations. She has recently completed her PhD research project, which is concerned with the untranslatability of art, through the Centre for Ideas, the faculty of VCA&MCM, the University of Melbourne. Her recent solo shows include: 'where it is here-it does not matter-how I have got here-can I forget' (Sutton Projects, Melbourne, 2016), 'MOKUDOKU' (Hagi Art, Tokyo, 2015), 'Somehow I thought I’d go' (Museo Taller Erasto Cortes, Puebla, 2013).


Inspired by Boyd’s articulation of Bundanon’s landscape as “thirds: sky, earth and river” and the meaning of ‘Bundanon': ‘two things deep-his’ in Dhurawal language, Utako's project is proposed to articulate light/shadow and sound/silence in its ‘millie: in-between’, with works on paper and video works, which will comprise a wall installation in the studio, as a form of visual poetry. Utako's engagement with and research through Trust Collection and resources will be reflected in the creative processes.