Arthur and Yvonne Boyd’s gift to the Australian people


Established in 1993 Bundanon Trust supports arts practice and engagement with the arts through its residency, education, exhibition and performance programs. In preserving the natural and cultural heritage of its site Bundanon promotes the value of landscape in all our lives.

Board and Staff

The Trust’s Board of Directors reports directly to the Minister for the Arts, who in turn appoints the Chairperson and the Directors. The Board includes representatives from the arts, education, finance and business management, and the law. The Shoalhaven community is also represented on the Board.

Board and Staff

staff and Board  at Siteworks 2012

Staff and Board at Bundanon


Bundanon Trust acknowledges all its partners, sponsors and supporters for their passion and commitment.

Partners and Supporters


The Shoalhaven Business Chamber at Bundanon Trust


A supportive, diverse, and creative work environment.



View of the Shoalhaven River at Riversdale. Photo: Keith Saunders

Trust History

In 1993, on behalf of the Australian people, the Australian Government accepted the gift of Bundanon, and a parcel of other properties (1100 hectares in all) on the Shoalhaven River, from the Australian artist Arthur Boyd and his wife Yvonne.


group photo

Founding Board of the Trust, 1995.

Key Documents

Access a range of key documents that provide a valuable source of information about what we do.

Annual Reports