Talking PLACE is an opportunity to come together and discuss the motivations and ideas behind experimental and site-specific arts programming occurring across regional Australia.

Red dirt settlements in Western Australia, provincial towns in Victoria and South Australia and farming communities in wheat and sheep country are home to a form of arts engagement that sits outside the usual paradigm of the arts meets the bush. For ten years Bundanon Trust has presented Siteworks – its own version of this local meets global trend.

From across the country artists, Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, scientists, farmers, environmental activists, historians and other voices have been creating a new platform, situated in place and porous in content, which is shaping the dialogue between specific local concerns and our shared international context.

This year leading artists, scientists, and thought-leaders come together at Talking PLACE to discuss what has been achieved over the past two decades – what art has been produced, what ideas have been canvassed, and what role communities and audiences have played in shaping these conversations.



  • Michael Cohen, City People
  • Marco Marcon, IAS
  • Ian Tully, Swan Hill Gallery
  • Vic McEwan, The Cad Factory
  • Alex Wisser, Cementa
  • Linda Kennedy, Future Black
  • r e a, University of Queensland
  • Dr Marnie Badham, RMIT
  • Professor Ross Gibson, University of Canberra


Program Overview

On the day speakers will present on the changing face of regional residency programs and how regional residencies become sites of exchange.

Entry from 11am

Symposium from 12 noon - 5pm

Cafe and bar on-site