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Bundanon’s Artist in Residence program supports new work, research and collaborations by artists and researchers from around the world. The program is structured through a series of partnerships with leading arts organisations and companies, cultural agencies and benefactors.

Congratulations to the artists who will be in residence at Bundanon in 2022.

To request interviews, further information or imagery please contact Articulate:

Siân Davies

0402 728 462

Sasha Haughan

0405 006 035.


Decibel New Music Ensemble (Sound/Music) 

  • Laura Boynes 
  • Louise Devenish 
  • Cat Hope 
  • Stuart James 
  • Tristen Parr 
  • Lindsay Vickery 
  • Aaron Wyatt 

 Ecological Gyre Theory (Writing) 

  • Chantelle Mitchell 
  • Jaxon Waterhouse 

Jobfit (Music/Sound) 

  • Holly Friedlander Liddicoat 
  • Max Whelan-Young  

Land Aid Collective (Writing) 

  • Cathe Stack 
  • Dr Ainslie Murray 
  • Dr Joshua Zeunert 

Runway Journal (Film/Video) 

  • Participating artists TBA 

Too Close to the Sun (Theatre/Performance) 

  • Campion Decent  
  • Hayley Forward  
  • Nick James  
  • Sam James 
  • Tayla Rubin  
  • Richard Vabre 
  • Adam Norton (Visual Art) 
  • Aimee Gardyne (Visual Art) 
  • Amala Groom (Visual Art) 
  • Anthony Albrecht (Music/Sound) 
  • Anthony Lyons (Music/Sound) 
  • Ashley Kalagian Blunt (Writing) 
  • Brooke Coutts-Wood (Visual Art) 
  • Bryan Foong (Visual Art) 
  • Callum G’Froerer (Music/Sound) 
  • Cate Kennedy & Helga Salwe (Writing) 
  • Chanelle Collier & Joe Wilson (Visual Art) 
  • Charlotte Wood & Ailsa Piper  (Writing) 
  • Claire Cross & Harry Cook (Music/Sound) 
  • Elyse Howe (Visual Art) 
  • Fiona Martin (Dance) 
  • Gabriella Imrichova (Theatre/Performance) 
  • Gemma Smith (Visual Art) 
  • Gian Manik (Visual Art) 
  • Gillian Kayrooz (Film/Video) 
  • Haji Oh & Michiyo Miyake (Visual Art) 
  • Heidi Melamed (Visual Art) 
  • Izzy Roberts-Orr (Writing) 
  • Jack Prest &Benjamin Freeman (Music/Sound) 
  • Jacqui Shelton (Theatre/Performance) 
  • Jaz Corr (Visual Art) 
  • Jazz Money (Writing) 
  • Jennifer Vuletic with Mehboob Ali, Sapidah Kian, Tania Cañas & Natalie Davey (Theatre/Performance) 
  • Kate Larsen (Writing) 
  • Katy Abbott (Music/Sound) 
  • Kim Anderson (Visual Art) 
  • Kirsten Haydon JMG – NSW Fellowship Recipient (Silversmith) 
  • Lynne Roberts-Goodwin (Visual Art) 
  • Madeleine Preston (Visual Art) 
  • Maria Fernanda Cardoso (Visual Art/Writing) 
  • Mariana Del Castillo (Visual Art) 
  • Merinda Davies with Kate Harman, Alicia Melonie Jones & Edd Fisher (Dance) 
  • Misty Escarpment (Music/Sound) 
  • Natasha Dubler (Music/Sound) 
  • Nathalie Hartog-Gautier (Visual Art) 
  • Nikki Easterbrook (Visual Art) 
  • Noelene Lucas (Visual Art) 
  • Patrice Sharkey (Visual Art) 
  • Rebecca Giggs (Writing) 
  • Rebecca Jensen & Lilian Steiner (Dance) 
  • Rozalind Drummond (Visual Art) 
  • Samantha Lang (Film/Video) 
  • Sarah Rayner & Sophie Carnell Dobell Artist in Residence Award Recipients (Visual Arts)
  • Sonya Lifschitz & Christina Johnston (Music/Sound) 
  • Susie Anderson (Writing) 
  • Tim Loveday (Writing) 
  • Vanessa Berry (Writing) 
  • Victor Arul (Music/Sound) 


In addition to the above, Bundanon will be honoring the following 2021 partnerships that could not occur due to COVID-19 restrictions:  

Accessible Arts 2021 Bundanon Residency  

  • Jeremy & Bedeliah Lowency, Julia Faragher, Luke Abdullah & Matt Elliot 

Dancehouse: On Residence 2021 

  • Nithya Nagarajan, Samara Hersch & Wendy Wu 

Red Room 2021 Fellow  

  • Ellen van Neervan 

Mascara Literary Review 2021 CaLD and FN Writers Residency  

  • Isabelle Li 

Meroogal Women’s Art Prize 2020 Winner  

  • Sarah Goffman 



Bundanon acknowledges the people of the Dharawal and Dhurga language groups as the traditional owners of the land within our boundaries, and recognises their continuous connection to culture, community and Country.

In Dharawal the word Bundanon means deep valley.

This website contains names, images and voices of deceased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.