Artists in Residence at Bundanon



Shoalhaven City Art Centre



25 Jun 2004 - 4 Aug 2004

An exhibition showcasing works from some of the artists who have spent time at Bundanon as part of the artist in residence program.

Arthur and Yvonne Boyd’s 1993 gift of Bundanon included a large collection of artworks by Arthur Boyd and his family and friends. An exciting and growing component of the Bundanon Collection are works donated by Artist in Residence of which a selection can be seen in Artists in Residence at Bundanon.

In this exhibition we view works from a range of visual artists each representing their own unique experience and interpretation of their time in residence.

Through the mediums of painting, drawing, printmaking and mixed media the artists have explored the landscape of the Bundanon properties, the bush; the paddocks; the Shoalhaven River; the buildings, both the interior and exteriors; and the flora and fauna.

Arthur and Yvonne Boyd had a vision of a living arts centre where artists from all disciplines could share and draw inspiration from the Bundanon and Shoalhaven landscapes. An informal Artist in Residence program commenced at Riversdale soon after the Bundanon Trust was established in 1993. In February 1998 the Bundanon Artists Centre was completed and the Artist in Residence program moved to Bundanon.

The Trust’s Artist in Residence Program is available to emerging and established practitioners in all art forms including visual artists, sculptors, musicians, conductors, composers and writers from Australia and overseas.

List of the 28 artists represented in the exhibition

Jo Bertini


Graeme Drendel

Kerri Leishman

Rodney Spooner

Wendy Stavrianos


Micheal Graeve

Margaret Baguley

Katie Clemson

Linda Dening

Kate Dorrough

Elizabeth Duguid

David Frazer

Graig Gough

Claude Jones

Julie Kearney

Sue Lovegrove

Peter Pinson

Jennine Primmer

Noela Stratford

Jock Young

Tara Klein

Elissa Sadgrove

Julie Reeves

Susan Pickering

Rosalind Burgess

Lola Burrows