Heads Up




Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre


There are two performances on May 12th; 2pm and 6.30pm. Select the time you would like to attend when you click the BOOK NOW button above.


Sat 12 May 2018

2:12PM - 8:00PM

Created at Shoalhaven Heads by the ‘60+ Performance Ensemble’, Heads Up explores the significance of trees, life and the power of deep listening.

Heads Up is a multilayered performance including story-telling, video and live music. Stories are framed by imagery of the Shoalhaven landscape and interwoven with sound, music and song. Supported by the Illawarra Retirement Trust, Heads Up supports the well-being of our older citizens through their active participation in the arts.

Performers: Ann Frankham, Annie Howard, Elizabeth Elder, Horst Reimann, Inez Atai, Jennifer Abbott, Larraine Franklin, Mary Williams, Pat Rowe, Roslyn Wilson, Shirley Read-Jahn, Tessa Volpatti

Video: Sam James | Music: Max Croot, Govinda Abbott, Katandra Women’s Choir | Directed by Annette Tesoriero (Shoalhaven Health and Arts) in collaboration with the ‘60+ Performance Ensemble’.

Contact Regina Heilmann regina@bundanon.com.au